How Can Video Marketing Help Your Business?

How Can Video Marketing Help Your Business?

Usually, people seem to be more interested in watching something rather than reading about it. You would rather watch someone changing a lightbulb step by step rather than reading about it. Even when it comes to advertisements, consumers will probably be more drawn towards your product if you advertise a video of implementing the product in real-life rather than just a picture of it with a bunch of things written. 

Traditional methods of marketing have undoubtedly stopped being as effective as they used to be. Let’s look at some reasons why you should consider video as a part of your content marketing strategy:

How Can Video Marketing Help Your Business

1. Tell Your Story.

Whether it is a small business that took an initiative and came out with an ingenious product or a big company trying to revolutionize a particular domain, telling your story to the user creates a more intimate relationship with them. This is your chance to show your business or company’s morals, ethics, and culture and develop your brand. 

For instance, a makeup business can put up a video showing how the cosmetic industry is contributing to rapid deforestation and climate change and then show how their brand is different by stressing on facts like their products are sustainable, eco-friendly, and animal-cruelty free. This helps the makeup business to appeal to the larger percentage of users.

2. Capture Attention.

More than half of the world is now on social media. Hence, social media marketers have flocked every kind of social media platform that is available to be advertised upon. Since people are used to skimming over so many ad posts, just pictures as ads do not easily grab the attention of users. An average user spends about 1.3 seconds on each post in their social media feed. This means that you have a fraction of a second to captivate your target audience.

No matter how good your content is, if a user, who spends an average of 3 hours every day on social media endlessly scrolling through posts, does not see anything interesting within the split second before he scrolls away, your social media marketing strategy goes to waste. A video on the other hand gives you a chance to hook the users by putting the most engaging content in the beginning and then once they’re hooked, showing them the rest of the information about your product. By using attention-grabbing thumbnails for your video, you can capture the user’s attention and make them genuinely interested in your product/service and consequently boost sales and receive greater ROI.

How Can Video Marketing Help Your Business

3. Google Loves Videos.

Google favors quality content. With a video embedded in your website, users will spend more time on your website. This will send out an alert to the Google algorithm that your website provides quality content. This can potentially increase your rank in Google searches. With Google now owning YouTube, having a video linked to your website effectively improves the chances for your website to be shown on the first page of Google. 
Your business can benefit a lot if you integrate videos into your digital marketing strategy. Video marketing appeals to the busy life of consumers who don’t have enough time to go through a lengthy article to find out about your product and its uses. If the content is engaging in your video, production quality does not matter that much. As long as it’s authentic, video marketing is a great way to connect with customers. 

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